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Technology Creative

For over 20 years, Johannes has contributed leadership and functional skills to a variety of operational and product management roles in both Fortune 500 companies and start-up settings, including AOL, Arcsight, Intuit, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, Palm, Symantec and WebEx. His broad technology industry expertise includes strategy formulation, design, development, business planning and financial simulation, from ideation to launch.

Johannes has acquired a proven track record of generating innovative insights and clear strategies, as well as plan execution. Whether as a consultant, an interim executive, or a permanent staff member, he is a results-oriented leader with a strong ability to motivate and lead teams effectively and efficiently.

From automotive navigation in the mid 1990s, immersive video conferencing technologies, video streaming and online rich media conferencing in the late 1990s, to the rich media content, on-demand technologies or PaaS platform technologies of today, Johannes has consistently helped pioneer disruptive new market and technology opportunities. He continues to "disruptively innovate" in areas of "precision segmentation", customer-driven needs analyses, cross functional product launch and demand generation.