RingCube announced a series of enhancements to their vDesk Desktop Virtualization solution in security, performance, management and usability, which were developed in association with Intel. The capabilities introduced include:

  • Hardened security features, including pre-authentication host checking, to protect against keystroke loggers; and granular logging for regulation compliance;
  • Performance improvements to their MobileSync features, including compression of encrypted workspaces and block-level differencing
  • Management and usability features that enable deployment of vDesk across the network faster; as well as higher levels of resiliency with improved architecture; and usability improvements for USB-attached printers.

RingCube is demonstrating vDesk solution on Intel vPro devices VMworld 2010 this week.

Learn more about Workspace Virtualization from Intel, CSC, Gartner Research, and RingCube at: http://www.DesktopVirtualizationOptimized.com



Per Jesus Diaz at gizmodo.com, downloading a simple PDF file can give hackers access to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. The security hole is applicable to all iOS 4 devices.

“The vulnerability is easily exploitable. In fact, the latest one-click, no-computer-required Jailbreak solution for iOS 4 devices uses this same method to break Apple’s own security…It just requires the user to visit a web address using Safari. The web site can automatically load a simple PDF document, which contains a font that hides a special program. When your iOS device tries to display the PDF file, that font causes something stack overflow…The result is that, without any user intervention whatsoever, that program can do whatever it wants inside your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.”

For the complete story, see Apple Security Breach Gives Complete Access to Your iPhone.

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